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School history

The school opened its doors on 20th February 2017.  The pioneer principal is Madam Alexis Sein. 

students council

1.Lavi adhiambo-chairlady 2.Elyas kibengo 3.Lucy mwake 4.Erick onyango

subjects offered

The following subjects are offered in the school 1.English 2.Geography 3.Kiswahili 4.Chemistry 5.Mathematics 6.Business studies 7.Computer studies 8.Physics 9.Biology 10.History 11.RE 12.GCSE 13.Adult education

salient features

these include the followwing 1.Affordable fees 2.Trained teachers 3.Easy to locate 4.Well equiped laboratory 5.Many more

school fees

we charge very pocket friendly and reasonable fees . The school fees is 2000 per month

welcome to MOP educational centre

we are pleased to inform you that a secondary school has been established right in the heart of shanzu township. You are all welcome to enjoy our quality and affordable learning services


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